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Fruitarian Bodybuilder. (by Bruno Treves) I am a Fruitarian Bodybuilder. I build my body using fruits, I do not only focus on muscle size, my main goal is health and well-being. This channel shares information about my path, my fruitarian diet, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. I hope the information in these videos will help you learn more about the fruitarian diet and inspire you to become a fruitarian bodybuilder yourself. I share info on weight loss, weight gain, fruitarian benefits, fruitarian athletes and recipes.

Body & Mind Detox Blog. (by Joy Brown) Specializing in helping Busy Professionals who are a little too FAT, STRESSED & nearly DEPRESSED once & for all Lose Weight & Gain Bliss. Reverse Retrain Rebuild Your Body & Mind.

Rawsomechef Site And Blog - Rawcipes, Poetic Truths, Published Articles, Rick Mercer Report. (by Katherine Marion) Raw, Vegan blog - created over a divine decade ago - declaring my divine alignment .. with highest rawstruck regard Rawcipes, stories, sharing, rawkn poetry, radio show interview and more .

How To Pick A Watermelon. (by Dr. Life) shoppers guide to picking the best watermelon+ tips on storing, transporting melons

Adressing Barriers To Healthier Diet. It doesn't have to cost more to eat healthy. This site is a developing reference for those interested in eating, and living a healthier life. It includes information from tips on how to effectively scrutinize food and beverage products at any store, to where to begin cultivating plants and trees inexpensively. You can get information, shop, and subscribe. (by Brian Rossiter) offers fruit-based raw food diet transformation stories, articles, videos, tips, recipes, coaching, books and other products. The website features Fruit-Powered Digest and Fruit-Powered Video.

Alpha Omega Food Blog. (by Doug Polk and Marilyn Polk) For several years we have studied natural health and lived a life of fasting from the world's foods and feasting on plant based foods. We have been trained at Hallelujah Acres, the headquarters of The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle® and received ongoing instruction from them. The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle® has returned our bodies to excellent health & vitality.

Wildrawfresh Vegan Smoothie Blog. (by Melissa C) WildRawFresh is your go-to blog for raw, vegan smoothie recipes for increased energy, detoxification and glowing skin!

Yemek Tarifleri, Kek Tarifleri, Pasta Tarifleri, Kurabiye Tarifleri. (by Yemek Tarifleri) Türk ve dünya mutfağından birbirinden lezzetli ve yapımı oldukça basit yemek tarifleri bulabileceğiniz bir sitedir. Bunun yanı sıra pasta tarifleri, kek tarifleri, kurabiye tarifleri gibi sofranızı süsleyecek ve bir daha bırakmayacağınız tariflerin hepsi ve daha fazlası bu sitede.

Vegan Ideal World. (by Moein Ghahremani Nejad) Vegan Ideal World is a blog about how to build an ideal world with a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan Ideal World. (by Moein Ghahremani Nejad) Rethink Your Diet is a book about nutrition, health and natural life style in general, with focusing on raw veganism. Many important scientific nutritional facts are explained in this book, while the author tried to be open-minded and discuss in a non-biased manner.

Positive Thinking + Living. (by Bethany Hagensen) This is a blog where I celebrate healthy living, art and the inner work that makes it all possible.

Should I Peel?. (by Philip Seifi) All you need to know about peeling, skinning and seeding.

Positive Thinking. Positive Living.. (by Bethany Hagensen) Bethany's blog celebrates inspiring art and empowerment through healthy living

Check Out My Blog For Product Reviews, Interviews, Articles And Fasting/cleansing Experiences!. (by Mindy Goldis) I started by blog in December 2009 when I documented a day-to-day account of my 42 day coconut water cleanse. Since then I have written articles, interviews, products reviews and other experiments I have done with water fasting and dry fasting. Also check out my youtube channel for product reviews, recipe ideas and healthy living topics: RawsomeVeganGal

Great New Health Resource - Real Health Pro. (by Ken Williams) Realhealthpro is a new health blog that covers fitness, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and more. An easy to understand high quality website that welcomed community involvement.

Raw Food Bali. (by Jonny Freesh) Raw Food Bali is a portal of information for everything Raw Food and Organic Produce related on the Magical Island of Bali. Raw Food Chef and Rapper Jonny Freesh runs the blog, where he posts Raw Food Recipes, Nutritional Articles, Updates on his Raw Food Courses in Ubud and his General Musings on Raw Food and the beautiful life associated with it.

Clean, Healthy, Chemical Free Living, With Christy.. (by Christy Olmos) This is my page, for a healthier lifestyle, recipies include raw, vegan, gluten free, mostly superfood. and will include holistic living.and chemical free living. this is the jorney i am on, and i want to share it with others. feel free to add recipies, and your friends. I cater to every ones likes! in a healthier way, so this page will include, raw- cooked- vegan- and meat(not much but some)♥

Passionately Raw!. (by Dominique Allmon) Raw food blog publishing raw recipes and health articles.

Rohkost. (by Rohkost) A good resource for vegan and raw vegan recipes, sorted by different categories such as crackers & snack, desserts, smoothies, milk substitutes, sushi and salads. Whether you are vegan or NOT you'll find them tasty, nutritious and simple!

Raw4ever. (by Fil Kandola) Raw4ever offers raw vegan diet plans for the novice, intermediate and advanced raw foodie/vegan. From 7 to 21 days, these raw food diet plans contain recipes that are actually delicious and easy to make. No overly complex recipes. Just simple and delicious food. Blogging about being raw in the real world. Offering free raw food recipes backed by 16 years of raw food experience and 27 years of vegan experience. A 3-Day juice plan is offered to those seeking to cleanse the mind, body and soul.

Radiantly Raw Lifestyles. (by Summer Sanders) Hi, my name is Summer and my blog is Radiantly Raw. It began 3 years ago as a health, fitness, and lifestyle blog that I started in order to share my raw food journey. Since then, it has morphed into so much more! Radiantly Raw opened up many doors and connections for me. I was able to work for my raw food hero, Matthew Kenney, start my online cleansing business, write two raw food recipe books. I post recipes and lifestyle tips daily!

Raw Food And Personal Development Blog. (by Ivan Zatkovic) Choosing raw food diet is a part of personal development. Most people know what they need to do, but they need just a little encouragement, a daily reminder why they need to do it. This blog can be that reminder.

Raw Foods Blog. (by Hugh Cruickshank) This blog covers, new recipes, juicing, Q&A, raw food testimonies, detox diets, natural health and more...basically the works.

Jinjee's Blog. (by Jinjee Talifero) Raw Mom to 5 raw children, author, speaker, raw chef, and publisher and writer of The Daily Raw Inspiration blogs thoughts on weight loss, staying raw, raising raw kids, and overcoming food addiction!

Juicing And Raw Foods. (by Richard Green) An unbiased well researched information base and blog on juicing and raw foods. With some recipes and useful charts. New articles and other materials added monthly. Approved helpful videos from YouTube as well.

Danielle Lin - Alive And Activated. (by Danielle Lin) Danielle Lin, is the creator and host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Danielle Lin Show.” And has been a dedicated vegetarian for over 20 years, Eavesdrop on The Danielle Lin Show and you’re likely to hear guest celebrities like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and the most famous New York Times best selling authors in the country. Listen to past programs on

Raw Food Community. (by Rawfoodcommunity) Raw Food Community is an aggregation of some of the best writing on raw living foods.

The Health Gladiator. (by Pedro Carrillo) The Health Gladiator is an online resource in English and Spanish about holistic health with a no-nonsense natural approach and a scientific back-up that challenges the mainstream thoughts about nutrition and fitness. It´s philosophy is based on a wild and organic raw vegan lifestyle and natural fitness

Better Raw. (by Tanya Alekseeva) Raw food and wellness tips, recipes and workshops for pure eating and healthy thinking.

101 Wonderful Ideas. (by Aleksandra) This website is about some very simple ideas which I am applying to my everyday life in the humid tropical climate of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. I like these ideas because they are money saving, health saving, some could be life saving, and, additionally, some are funny, too. I decided to create this website because after I have moved to the tropics I was looking for information how to live sustainably in this climate on raw food diet, and I haven't found so much information on this subject.

Http:// (by Katie Pax) Hi I'm Katie and I run What Diet diet and weight loss website with an emphasis on free information and resources for our readers to decide what diet plan is best for them and to use the resources to achieve your weight loss goals.

Sunna's Raw Food Blog. (by SunnaAmanda Precht) Raw food blog

Raw Food Revival. (by Summer Sanders and Charity Cygal) Join Us for the First Annual Raw Food Revival Retreat August 19th-25th Sedona, Arizona Be nurtured by 100% Organic Gourmet Raw Foods. You will be served three meals daily, as well as a warm lemon water, morning awakening green juice biodynamic barley and wheatgrass shots, endless amounts of fruit for your snacking and of course, organic teas, coffees and nut milks.

Enders Adventures -- Introduction To My 30 Day 100% Low Fat Raw Experiment. (by Ender Ayanethos) This is the introduction to my 30 days on the 801010 raw food diet. Bright pictures, tropical fruits, Hawaii adventures, and an honest to goodness good time. See the whole story here!

What Is The 801010 Raw Food Diet? My 30 Day Lifestyle Design Experiment Postmortem.. (by Ender Ayanethos) 30 days on the 801010 raw food diet. No salt, no cooked food, just ripe, raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Here's my story!

Beyond Raw Food. (by Ken Rohla) Cutting-edge natural nutrition and lifestyle information that you won't find anywhere else, including: nutrient dense high ORMUS sprouting, gardening, and fermentation; water purification, structuring, and homeopathy; EMF and nuclear fallout protection; detoxification and cellular regeneration; ORMUS, aka monatomic elements for health, healing, and expanding consciousness; scalar energy; energy medicine, quantum physics & biology; breathwork, bodywork, yoga, meditation; Ayurveda, and more.

Healing Diabetes With 80-10-10. (by Tasha) 24 years into Type 1 Diabetes, finally taking steps to allow this body to heal...instead of just managing the symptoms.

Ooh La Raw. (by Sarah Elmore) A collection of raw food recipes, tips and motivations. Dedicated to living a clean and pure lifestyle.

Passion School. (by Lorra Fae) A mix of raw food/health + unconventional lifestyle - lots of inspirational articles!

Raw Food Fairy. (by Kimbelri Almonla) Come see what the raw food fairy is up to today!

Calories In Avocado. (by Mary Jane Humes) This is my webpage about avocados. Truly these are superfoods.

Raw Food Diet Benefits In One Place!. (by Martin Matej) Check out all these amazing raw food diet benefits. Learn from people who overcame "incurable diseases" with the help of healthy raw food diet and lifestyle

Blythe Raw Live. (by Blythe Metz) The official website of Blythe Raw Live, a weekly show on the benefits of raw foods, natural living and environmental consciousness. You'll find interviews with guests, recipes from the show and tips on how you can stay healthy.

Cheap Health Revolution. (by Ulla Tervo) This is a day-to-day diary about eating raw on a budget for 100 days. I also include other 7-30 day trials on cheap and effective alternative health practices. Home remedies, cheap natural cures. Includes also trials on trauma release exercises, juice, fasting, subconscious mind work, etc. Also book reviews and other information.

Love Raw Blog. (by Karolina Eleonora) Great recipes of raw desserts, professional photos, loads of inspiration, personal and spiritual progress / nutrition and loooove from the ever so creative raw dessert chef Karolina Eleonóra.

Travelling Raw - The Adventures Of A Raw Family. (by Sarah Nolan) Welcome to Travelling Raw - We created this website and blog as soo many friends and people we meet and speak to always want to know more about Raw food and the lifestyle it leads! So we decided to list all the information we know and find, here in one place for you to enjoy !!!

Create Your Most Epic Self. (by Amber Zuckswert) I've been blogging for over 5 years on where I focus on mind, body, spirit balance and happiness. What began as writing articles about holistic health has evolved into my raw vegan journey as I travel the world teaching dance, pilates, yoga and nutrition. I offer over 500 articles, dozens of videos and expert interviews on wellness and raw food nutrition. I also coach virtually through my website to clients all over the globe.

Raw And Local. (by Tina Bailey) Raw, seasonal and local food

Joni Sare. (by Joni Sare) I am a private, personal therapeutic chef and educator. Serving and teaching raw to paleolithic foods to individuals and groups. I can help you transition to the diet that is right for you.

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