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Sausage And Peppers Hero. (by Vilma Alvarez) This sandwich is one of the most mouthwatering heros out there. The savory, spicy sausage is perfectly highlighted by the semi-sweet flavor of the red and green peppers.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers. (by Vilma Alvarez) The jalapeno popper just got even better with this Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers recipe. Spicy, hot jalapenos are stuffed with a smooth, creamy cheese mixture and then wrapped up in savory bacon.

Raw Foods Recipe Index Rohtopia. (by Lisa Mattes) Over 100 recipes for raw vegan dishes, gourmet raw foods, 801010 and low fat raw vegan recipes, smoothies, green smoothies, juices, plant based milks, soy free vegan dairy recipes, savory raw food main courses, raw food soups, raw food pasta recipes, raw vegan breads and crackers, raw food condiments, raw vegan salads, and of course raw vegan desserts, raw vegan chocolate recipes, raw vegan ice cream, raw vegan cake, raw vegan cookies, raw vegan puddings and pies - with more recipes every week!

Raw Banana Cacao Smoothie Recipe. (by Melissa C) This raw banana cacao smoothie recipe is made with antioxidant-rich and mineral-rich ingredients. It's vegan and takes better than a chocolate milkshake! Drink this for breakfast or dessert!

Kale Cucumber Celery Juice. (by Ken) Nutrient rich, all vegetable, green juice recipe of Kale Cucumber Celery juice. This juice is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin k, Potassium and many other healthy nutrients.This juice is rich in beneficial antioxidants Beta-carotene, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. Ingredients: 1 Bunch organic kale, 2 organic celery stalks, 2 Organic green cucumbers Produces 4 glasses of juice

Apple Carrot Watermelon Juice. (by Ken) Sweet delicious and refreshing juice recipe of Apple, Carrot and Watermelon. This juicing recipe is rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Antioxidants in the form of Beta-Carotene. Ingredients: 2-3 organic apple 2-3 organic carrots Half organic watermelon Juice all ingredients using a juicer Produces 4 glasses of delicious juice.

Bliss Ball Truffles. (by Niamh Kane) Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made plenty of raw Ayurveda bliss balls before, but because I found the mixture a little dry today I added a little splash of something that transformed them into a dense chocolate raw truffle! I hope you like them as much as I do. Have plenty of people around you to eat them or freeze surplus have been warned!

Courgette Stuffed With Beetroot And Celeriac. (by Gabriela Lerner) This is a delicious and rich recipe with tenderised raw root vegetables, a yummy sauce and wrapped in slightly softened (dehydrated) slices of courgette (zucchini). Hope you enjoy

Coconut Milk Popsicles With Fresh Fruit & Herbs. (by Mel Johnson) 400 milliliters full fat coconut milk 1/4 cup raw cane sugar or preferred sweetener 1 cup fresh or frozen fruit 1 sprig favourite herb (peppermint, lavender, basil, rosemary) Popsicles, fill popsicle molds with small pieces of fruit and chopped herbs leaving room for the ice cream to fill in. Ice cream, blend the coconut milk and sweetener until smooth. Then carefully and slowly pour into your popsicle molds until frozen they are full. Set in the freezer overnight or until frozen solid

Low Fat Raw Food Recipes. (by Ivan Zatkovic) This is the collection of my favorite low fat raw food recipes.

A Variety Of Easy Recipes For Raw Food Beginners. (by Julie Van Den Kerchove and Simon Matthys) Try some of these easy recipes for raw food beginners or download your *FREE* Recipe eBook at!

Home Made Larabars (dried Fruit And Nut Bars). (by Vicky) Home made larabars are way cheaper than the store bought version and pack in tons of vitamins and nutrients. These ones include figs, dates, walnuts, almonds, apricots, goji berries, coconut oil and lemon zest. A perfect afternoon snack!

Nama Shoyu Marinated Mushrooms. (by Raw Michelle) Mushrooms can be prepared to produce a myriad of flavors, and when coupled with olive oil and Nama Shoyu, there are a number of health benefits to be enjoyed. Mushrooms are rich in selenium, which is excellent for the bladder. Just eating 5 mushrooms results in about 31% of the recommended daily amount for selenium. Since Selenium is rich in anti-oxidants, it also offers benefits that result in a risk reduction of heart disease and stroke.

Raw Stir Fry With Broccoli And Mushrooms. (by Raw Michelle) This particular recipe will demonstrate how to emulate a stir fry, with raw food.

Simple Raw Tangy Tomato Salad. (by Raw Michelle) Simple, yet highly nutritious - this fast salad made with minimal ingredients is sure to please your taste buds as well as your body.

Raw Christmas Tree Caramel Balls. (by Raw Michelle) Since the holiday season is just around the corner, most raw food enthusiasts are all but bustling about in preparation for that 100% raw and delicious Christmas dinner. And what better way to complement a festive winter atmosphere than by hanging some delicious edible raw candy on the Christmas tree, as tradition itself dictates?

Raw Vegan Deviled Eggs. (by Raw Michelle) Deviled eggs have become a holiday food staple in many parts of the world, with literally dozens of variations to choose from. And yes, it is possible to prepare mouthwatering deviled "eggs" without any trace of eggs or animal products whatsoever!

Sweet Raw Banana Pancakes. (by Raw Michelle) Light and soft pancakes are enjoyed as breakfast food or desserts in numerous world cultures. And just because you're eating raw does not mean you have to deprive yourself of such delight. Raw banana pancakes are inexpensive, very easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Learn to make them right now.

Great Recipes. (by Maria) This site has a great recipe book with outstanding appetizers and raw side dish recipes. There are the most amazing salad and appetizer recipes you will ever try.

Open Your Hert Cake!. (by Karolina Eleonã³ra) Hi! Please, see the recipe by clicking on the link. This is a MUST TRY! :D /Karolina~

Raw Nachos - Rawchos If You Will. (by Raw Michelle) Rawchos are an excellent snack that raw food lovers can enjoy at any time. Whip some up today.

Raw Lasagna. (by Raw Michelle) Although it is best to begin preparation for raw lasagna one day in advance, the resulting dish is well worth the effort. This lasagna is an excellent, albeit pretty elaborate, dish that can serve as a main course or even as a festive meal. Try this tasty no-bake raw lasagna loaded with nutrients and flavour.

Raw Tomato Cilantro Soup. (by Raw Michelle) I recently tried out this amazing and refreshing soup, perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Garden grown tomatoes are infinitely more tasty and nutritious than the supermarket variety, and this tomato cilantro soup is the perfect way to exploit that flavor richness

Raw Soup Recipes. (by Raw Michelle) Check out our latest raw soup recipes which include raw tomato and raw yam soups.

A Variety Of Raw Cookie Recipes. (by Raw Michelle) Learn to make delicious raw food vegan cookies including raw seed, raw lemon and raw chocolate chip cookies.

Lean On Turkey. (by Fiona Muller and T) Featuring a range of turkey recipes including low fat, leftover recipes and cooking tips. Join the club for free new recipes and submit your own recipes.

Eggplant Saloup. (by Rene Oswald)

Carrot Tahini Salad Dressing. (by Rene Oswald)

Green Smoothie. (by Rene Oswald)

Juicing With A Blender And Juice Bag. (by Rene Oswald)

Taco Enery Soup. (by Rene Oswald)

Sauerkraut (part 1). (by Rene Oswald)

Sauerkraut (part 2). (by Rene Oswald)

Vanilla Powder. (by Rene Oswald)

Cauliflower Creation. (by Rene Oswald)

Lasagna. (by Rene Oswald)

Veggie Flax Chili Cracker. (by Rene Oswald) These are feast and easy to make!

Italian Wraps. (by Rene Oswald) These are a raw, vegan tortilla that can be used as a burrito wrap, pizza crust or dried in the dehydrator until crisp and eat like a cracker!

Cashew Cheese Pate. (by Rene Oswald) This is a low-fat, nutrient-dense recipe!

Fruity Irish Creme Pie. (by Rene Oswald) The low-fat, raw, vegan, non-alcoholic version!

Fettucini Rawfredo. (by Rene Oswald) You won't believe it's not cheese!

Carrot Ginger Soup. (by Rene Oswald) I'm a ginger fan, and this is my favorite soup ever!

Cranberry Carrot Salad. (by Rene Oswald) This is from the "Living Cuisine for Happy Holidays" eBook. You can find it at

Chai Holiday Smoothie. (by Rene Oswald) This is a great drink for the Holiday season or anytime and it's wonderful served warm or cold. To warm, place on low heat on stove top and stir constantly until it reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit. For more recipe videos like this one, go to Enjoy!

Spinach Dip. (by Rene Oswald) This recipe can be used as a dip or as a filler in a raw tortilla with fresh veggies and sprouts for a full meal! For more recipes go to Enjoy!

Raw Sweet Potato Soup. (by Raw Michelle) Sweet potatoes are high in complex carbohydrates to give us energy, dietary fiber, beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin B6. They go nicely in this raw potato soup.

Raw Tomato Salsa. (by Raw Michelle) Raw salsa is a healthy and refreshing summer dish that is best prepared with ripe, organic tomatoes. I love using it as a side dish or salad replacement since it works so well with any kind of food. Learn to make this delicious recipe.

Red Grape And Rosewater Juice. (by Magda Elsehrawi and Raw Michelle) This easy to make drink is none less than a glass-full of absolute flavor and goodness. It is no wonder that wine, where grapes are the main ingredient, has been popular for thousands of years, known for its relaxing, soothing, and heart-healthy qualities.

Raw Date And Nut Squares. (by Magda Elsehrawi and Raw Michelle) A mouth-watering date and nut specialty that will delight your senses and replenish your health. Flavorful and loaded with high quality nutrients, this nutty desert delivers valuable B vitamins, natural antioxidants, essential oils, complex carbs for slow energy release and precious trace elements that promote overall health.

How To Make Raw Pili Nut Butter. (by Raw Michelle) Pili nuts are a tasty and nutritious addition to any dessert or bread and can make a wonderful butter, thanks to their high quality fat content.

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